“Excela Health has been a client of Devine Medical Advisors (“DMA”)  since 2012, including current in-stream install projects. DMA has been instrumental in forging a level of smooth operation we are pleased to provide today. In 2012 when we engaged DMA, we were faced with numerous technical and operational challenges, as well as a gap in confidence of our physician partners. Under DMA’s leadership, we have accomplished numerous significant milestones in our technology journey to reach the level of exceptional operation and confidence among our clinicians and support staff. The work of DMA has moved our adoption rates for use of the EHR to a very high level. Some of these accomplishments include:

1) Installation of the EHR in specialty practices, new physicians and practices joining Excela Health with high early stage adoption and minimal loss of provider productivity during go-live to maturity. Some of these providers transitioned from paper to electronic, and others from various systems, and did so efficiently and effectively under DMA’s leadership. Staff confidence post go-live after DMA’s hands-on training enhanced provider productivity and resulted in strong system adoption.

2) Under DMA’s direction, strategic navigation of our compliance with meaningful use requirements, including mapping of an operational execution plan, project management of the plan, and execution that produced 100% eligibility of federal meaningful use dollars, exceeding $12 million to Excela Health.

3) Implementation planning from start to finish of our patient portal solution, another meaningful use requirement, including integration with the EHR platform. Robust communication with various stakeholders in the organization was managed by DMA in a true team-based project with outstanding results.

4) Technical network, device planning, hardware problem solving and mapping was managed by DMA in an effective manner, with timely resolution of identified issues. Under DMA’s leadership, we consolidated 6 different data bases to optimize the flow of clinical and patient information.

5) In 2014, we engaged DMA to provide contract management services to our ambulatory technology work group in information technology, where they managed the day to day operations of the group, including support, training, help desk, and vendor relationships. Under DMA’s leadership, we stabilized the work group and significantly improved the service and confidence to a growing provider network.

These are but a few of our accomplishments we realized with our relationship with DMA. We have come to appreciate this partnership through the conduct of a disciplined and effective project planning methodology utilized by DMA that produces excellent results.


Michael D. Busch
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Excela Health