Our customers include Private Practices, Organizations and Hospitals
in all medical specialties.

The mission for Devine Medical Advisors is “Keeping Healthcare Healthy.” The company believes practices, clinics or hospitals that are not financially “healthy” or providing good patient outcomes and quality care will not be “healthy” for long. Just as a doctor assesses a patient, Devine Medical Advisors assesses the health of practices, clinics or hospitals and prescribes a plan of care to keep businesses “healthy.” Devine Medical Advisors was founded on honest, open dialogue with clients to understand their goals and challenges in order to assist them in achieving those goals.

Devine Medical Advisors, a certified Woman-Owned Small-Business, started out as one person with a passion to make the patient experience safer and better. Janice Devine, Owner and President of Devine Medical Advisors, started the company in Pennsylvania after years of working in the hospital and out-patient clinics. Ms. Devine became very interested in the use of Electronic Medical Records and how EMR could improve the efficiency and safety of treating patients. Twelve years later, Devine Medical Advisors has expanded to much more than an EMR implementation company. Today, the company teaches clients how to use the data they have accumulated to manage their patient populations, identify variance in treatment of disease, cost control and quality outcomes. Devine Medical Advisors also manages projects to install software, incorporates new workflows and achieves quality metrics.

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